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Meet the Craigs

Ashlyn is in 6th grade and Brooklyn is in 3rd. Sarah volunteers in our front office. Jamieson now serves faithfully on the board of directors for the school. Hear their story to know what CLA means to them:

"During a time of great family struggle, the Lord gave me peace as I knew that our family was going to be fine in Him. Our daughter Ashlyn, now 11 years old and in 6th grade at CLA, suddenly made the most beautiful and true statement that I had ever heard. She energetically assured us, "Dad, God can do anything!" I happily paused, smiled and responded "Yes, this is true." She was not quite done as she went on to remind me that Christ had even raised Lazarus from the dead! These words of truth of our Lord, inspired by The Holy Spirit, spoken from the mouth of my child were exactly what I needed to hear and they were delivered at that exact moment of when I needed to hear them. I thank God that both of my daughters have a strong foundation in our Lord Jesus Christ and that their faith is strengthened each day at Concord Lutheran Academy. All blessings flow from Jesus Christ."

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