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The Story

A few centuries before Jesus was born, the Jews in Israel had lost something precious to them: their language. A shifting world around them and decades in exile changed their culture. No longer did they speak Hebrew. They spoke Greek in the markets and Aramaic in the homes. How were they then to understand the Scriptures which were still written in the language of their ancestors?

And so, the story goes that 72 Israelite men banded together. Over 72 days, these men translated the Hebrew Old Testament into Greek. Once again, God's chosen people were blessed with a clear understanding of his Word. Their translation is known as the Septuagint (which means, 70). Think of what would have been lost had not 72 men preserved what was precious to their faith! It is even likely that Jesus and his apostles were familiar with and quoted from this important Bible translation. 

Those 72 men preserved their heritage so that the next generation would have God's Word. Now, you have that chance, too. CLA is looking for 72 people to band together and preserve God's Word for the next generation. 72 people once changed the world with their work. 72 people can do the same today.

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