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What grades does CLA offer?  CLA offers education for Kindergarten through 8th grade.

What are the school hours?  School runs from 8:30 AM - 3 PM M-F.  The school year typically begins in mid-August and ends on the Friday before Memorial Day.

When do I drop off and pick up my student from CLA?  Drop off for students is from 8:00-8:25 AM, and student pick up is from 3:00-3:15 PM.

What is the student to teacher ratio?  8:1

Are there opportunities for parent involvement at CLA?  Yes, CLA encourages parents to volunteer and get involved in the school through a principal advisory committee, field trips, sports programs, and other opportunities.  

Are uniforms required?  No

What is Christ-centered learning?  At CLA, every subject is taught from a Christian perspective.  We teach Creation-based science, there is daily Bible instruction using the Christ Light curriculum, and God’s Word is the center of campus culture.

Do you have to be a member of the church to apply?  No, we don’t require membership to attend.  Pastor Curt Lyon would be delighted to connect with those seeking a church home.  If you would like to connect with him, email

What if my child has a learning disability?  Students of all learning abilities are welcome at CLA.  However, we do not have a separate Special Needs program.  Any learning disabilities that require special accommodations will need to be addressed with your child’s teacher.

Is CLA accredited?  Concord Lutheran Academy is accredited through WELS School Accreditation (WELSSA). WELSSA evaluates a school-based on Scripture and sound educational principles. These are recognized nationally as part of the National Council for Private School Accreditation as well as many smaller private accreditation agencies and state accreditation agencies. Schools compare the quality of their programs against nationally recognized standards through a self-study process.  Both strengths and weaknesses are evaluated, and after an onsite visit by a team of educators, the school develops a school improvement plan to maintain strengths and improve weaknesses that correlate. Renewed accreditation cycle is every five years.

Does CLA teach Common Core?  No, CLA does not follow the Common Core curriculum.  As an independent private school, CLA has always had a challenging curriculum, and our students receive a well-rounded education that prepares them for high school success.

How does CLA handle student behavior issues? At Concord Lutheran Academy we expect students to behave in a loving and Christian manner. We understand student behavior issues arise. Parents will be notified if the behavior is disruptive or concerning and we will consult with parents on an individual basis.  Concord Lutheran Academy strives to cultivate a classroom culture that is a respectful and nurturing environment for students.

How do I apply?  Applications can be filled out online here.

Transfer students are encouraged to apply.  Admissions staff will review all applications and contact parents or guardians regarding their applications and our classroom availability. 

You are welcome to schedule a tour with one of our staff at any time.  You can sign up for a tour here.

Who can I contact if my question is not listed here?  Please contact our school office at 951-777-4252 or email, and we will direct you to the best person to answer your questions.

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