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Kids Running


CLA's 2nd Annual

Are you ready to get outside and exercise?  Would you like to have your exercise count toward a great cause?  Join our CLA Virtual 5K!  There are multiple ways to participate: Saturday, November 19 we are running the 5K together as a group. You may also run the 5k in your neighborhood or on your favorite running trail, sponsor a student or donate!!  Details are below. Register today!


We have 3 forms for different options on how to support. Hopefully this helps us keep things more streamlined and organized!!

  1. Click here for Donation Form

  2. Click here for Registration Form

  3. Click here for Student Sponsoring Form 


After registering, you will have until November 21, 2022 to complete your 5K and send in your results. Saturday, November 19 we are running the 5K together as a group!!

We recommend using some sort of free mileage tracker on your phone or watch to help you complete your 3.1 miles. Then take a picture of your results (we would love to see some photos of you doing your your 5K as well!!)

Email your photos to Christina Schroeder at

Did you know...

      Many families would not be able to send their children to CLA without financial assistance. The need for Tuition assistance is at an all-time high! Participate in our Virtual 5K and/or give a gift towards Tuition Assistance and provide Christian Education to families who need it. To families who thirst for it! 

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